At Zoovillage, we have carefully selected our brands since we started in 1998. Our vision has always been to offer the best selection of the highest quality classic and modern clothing from International and Nordic brands.

Our website targets brand-conscious men, women and young adults. Our product assortment reflects the latest fashion and trends. We currently offer a handpicked selection of clothing, shoes and accessories from over 100 different brands through partnerships with brands we are proud to sell online.


Zoovillage is a Swedish e-commerce company. We have always been an online retailer, as we discovered early that we can offer a brand-name shopping experience to our customers 24 hours a day.

Zoovillage does not have a physical store for our customers but the business is managed locally from the company’s office and warehouse in central Stockholm, Sweden.


Zoovillage is an authorized reseller for all the brands found on our  website. This means that we do all of our purchasing via official partners, such as directly from the brand, brand agents or distributors. This allows us to guarantee that all of the items in our range are genuine articles. We feel that this is something that is important for you to know as a customer when you shop with us.


We love the brands we sell. We love Nordic and international brands, trends and classics, new styles and those that stand the test of time. We like to bring in brands for their reputation and the products that are attractive to our respective markets. Therefore, we select the brands and products that are a perfect fit for our product range. This is what we have been doing since we started the company, and what we will continue to do in the future.

Every day is a new day and brings another opportunity to snap up the latest trends. In order to offer the latest fashion trends, we need to keep an eye on which brands are hot in the market every day - and which products are going to be the next trend. We think it is exciting to watch hot new brands and trends emerge on the market, just as we like to see a classic trend make a comeback. So we are just as fond of our classic products as we are of the latest trends.

Fashion today is about more than finding that one signature style; it is about wearing several styles and daring to blend different styles to create a unique look. We enjoy and draw inspiration from the opportunities this modern fashion trend offers, which is why we offer brands that are known for their unique styles or products. To this end, we work constantly to bring in a unique mix of brands to our range. All so you as a customer, regardless of age, will always find clothing suited to your style and taste - whether it be for your everyday routines or a special occasion.

We must say that we have an especially good eye for Swedish brands, which is not surprising since we are, after all, a Swedish e-commerce company.


We are also very active on social media platforms, with frequent updates to offer our customers inspiration, the latest news and tips. Social media offers you the opportunity to stay completely up to date with everything happening at Zoovillage.

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Zoovillage’s story did not start in Sweden's textile mecca, Borås, or with Pippi Longstocking’s suitcase and grandiose visions about becoming a billion krona company. The story starts with Pekka Östman, a young man who started Zoovillage in a garage in Täby, Stockholm in January 1998. Pekka saw an opportunity in making brand-name clothing available throughout the country by selling via the internet. During the late 1990s, it was mostly larger clothing chains and traditional mail order that dominated the market across the country. In terms of shopping, the Internet was not a part of people's everyday lives back in the late 1990s as it is today.

The first brands sold at Zoovillage were Psycho Cowboy, Converse and Svea. During its first few years, Zoovillage offered a wide range of skate and street fashion brands. This was a trend that lasted for quite a few years in Scandinavia and continued into the early 2000s. The most popular brands at the time included: Billabong, J.Lindeberg, Tiger of Sweden, Rip Curl, WeSC, Zoo York, and more. We remember well how widely these brands were represented in class photographs in all of Sweden's schools.
After an era heavily focused on skate and street fashion in the early 2000s, we decided to develop our range rather than getting stuck in a lifestyle. Today, Zoovillage stocks all the latest fashions, and we are not afraid to mix brands and lifestyle trends so that the customers who shop with us can create their own personal style. Our niche is our credibility as brand experts - premium and commercial. We are passionate about brands whose strong value and clear brand DNA are reflected in the products they produce.


We want to ensure that all of our customers feel secure when they shop with us. Therefore, we have our own warehouse in Stockholm where we stock most of the items we sell. This allows us to offer you the best, most secure service possible.

We offer service to all of our customers via email and contact forms on our website; this enables faster service by having all communication in a forum.

We select reliable, trustworthy partners for transport and payments, such as Schenker, Klarna, Visa, Mastercard, etc. We are constantly evaluating our partnerships to ensure that we are working with the most reliable partners.


Zoovillage AB is a Swedish private limited company with its registered office in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Zoovillage AB
Company registration
 number: 556632–1914
VAT NO: SE556632191401

Billing and Delivery address: Zoovillage AB, Storängsvägen 23, 115 42 Stockholm, Sweden

NOTE: This is not a visiting address for our customers.